Data Backup and Recovery

Backup Solutions

Data is more important than ever. Whether its your family photos or your business records, everyone has some data that is important to them. Making sure your data remains safe is vital.

If you are worried about losing your data, have a chat with us at TVC and we can recommend the best form of backup for you. Whether you want something manual and cheap or something state of the art and automatic, we can recommend approaches for every price range, so your data stays safe and sound.

Tips to keep your data safe:

NEVER leave any important data in just one place.

Here at TVC we recommend the 321 approach:

Data Recovery

Has the only copy of your data failed? We can help. We have a range of recovery options for you. Bring in your failed device and we’ll get your data back safe and sound.

Just make sure you don’t try to power on or play around with the device once you realize something has happened. If you don’t know what you’re doing, running a drive that’s failed has the chance to destroy more of your precious data.