About us

About us

At TVC, we are a well rounded group of experienced individuals.

We can be found at our purpose built facility in Hamilton which features a modern open plan workshop and data centre, where the magic happens. Convenient customer parking just outside the door makes popping in a breeze. Take a seat in our comfortable customer lounge while you discuss your issue with one of our tech experts. Walk out with confidence that you’ll be reunited with your computer or device running as good as new, in no time.

We Love Technology

We are passionate about technology, we live and breathe gigabytes and source code. Although this sort of stuff comes naturally to us, we think that everybody should be able to enjoy the benefits of technology, no matter their technical abilities.

We Care For Our Customers

Our philosophy of bringing everyday people closer to their technology is why we care so much. Our mission is to remove the pain points so all can enjoy the world of computers as much as we do, or even half as much as we do?

We Do A Great Job

We know our stuff but we also know that most people don’t speak computer jargon. That is why we take the time to explain our expert advice and recommendations in a manner that is easy to understand. We stand by our work and there is no compromise on quality.

Our Values

Our History

TVC is quite different now from where it all began in 2004 and that is because the technology landscape is also very different. Technology has developed at a rapid pace over recent years and with that development, has come a huge shift in consumer demand and requirements.

We started out offering the people what they needed, which at that time was anti-virus software. Many New Zealanders were realising the importance of cyber security, however we were also witnessing those who had been caught out by a virus, having to wait weeks and weeks for costly repairs. We knew that these people needed help too.

We continued as the sole distributors of Quick Heal Anti-Virus, but introduced The Virus Centre to the market, offering fast and affordable repairs. The market’s response was appreciative with many customers asking us to take on more and more of their IT difficulties. Consequently, we now offer a range of technology services, expanding much wider than viruses.

It became apparent that The Virus Centre was no longer fitting and we decided to evolve our identity to TVC: Technology & Virus Clinic. The TVC rebrand coincided with the opening of our new purpose built facility in 2016.

We continue to listen to the demands of the market and the needs of our customers, to continue our endeavour of bringing everyday people closer to their technology by removing the pain points.